What is Machon Siach?


Machon Siach at SAR High School is a research institute committed to developing teachers as public intellectuals and thought leaders on matters of Jewish education, curriculum, and culture that are central to the Modern Orthodox Community.  Machon Siach strives to create a "Thinking Institution" with the high school at the center. This model emphasizes collaboration among the school, community, alumni, and parents while engaging in research around crucial issues affecting Jewish education.  Machon Siach supports in-depth faculty cohort research as well as programs for SAR graduates, community educators, and academics.   Machon Siach is inspired by the intellectual leadership and dedication to Jewish education of Belda K. Lindenbaum, z"l , whose legacy is the perpetuation of Modern Orthodox scholarship. 

Year In Review 2018

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Inaugural Machon Siach Event - May 22, 2017


An Introduction to Machon Siach