Evaluating Our Place in American Society

Within SAR High School, recent events have brought an exposure of political rifts, but also self-scrutiny and self-examination at more fundamental levels: what have we taught our students about being American?  As members of a community that emphasizes our obligations to our community members in this country, and our broader obligations to Klal Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael, how do we continue to impart those crucial values, while also inculcating a sense of responsibility towards and engagement with the broader American society? As ugly strains of anti-Semitism that some of us had thought were extinguished in American life resurfaced in 2016, we were left asking, too, what exactly is broader American society, and is our understanding of it severely blinkered and limited?  As committed Modern Orthodox Jews, we also think about all of these questions through the lens of Halakha and Torah values.  Citizenship Fellows have begun their exploration into these and many more issues. In the first year phase of this research cohort, group members learn and engage in discourse on a variety of issues pertaining to citizenship. In the second year phase, cohort members will select their individual citizenship research topics and produce papers.

2017-2019 Citizenship Cohort Fellows 

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Citizenship Materials

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Hartman Institute Panel on Thanksgiving-Religion, Otherness, and At-Homeness in America - 11/20/2017

(Panelists: Dr. Rivka Schwartz, Rev. Mario E. Milian, and Suhail Khan

SAR High School Adult Education Series

Seek Out The Welfare of the City: Modern Orthodox Jews and American Citizenship - דרשו את שלום העיר

Part 2/3

Part 3/3