Keeping Gemara Relevant

How do we generate a shared vision among faculty for sophisticated high school Gemara education? What is the impact of our milieu (the Modern Orthodox community and its discourse) on the way we teach challenging topics in Gemara and Halakha? What are the different methodologies to be employed in teaching Gemara in order to have the Gemara “make sense” to teachers and students. How do we effectively “translate” the intricate and complex Talmudic process and its attempt to balance texts, values and real world issues as a paradigm for living one’s life as a Modern Orthodox Jew? The Gemara Education Cohort has been tasked with evaluating SAR High School's Gemara education curriculum through the lens raised by these questions and for establishing techniques for mentoring "master teachers" in the field.

2015-2017 Gemara Education Faculty Fellows

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Gemara Education Materials