The questions of sexual and gender diversity are uniquely challenging ones for Orthodox Jews who engage with the contemporary world. On no other social issue has the United States seen such rapid change--in twenty years, gay marriage went from being a fringe position to a constitutionally-protected right. The Torah prohibits specified sexual behaviors, but doesn't speak to broader questions of orientation and identity. And these questions are not merely academic: LGBTQ members of the SAR and broader Orthodox communities are challenging our community's long-held assumptions and pushing us to consider how we can balance our halakhic commitments and all the values implicated here. This group will consider these most challenging and fraught questions: how do we maintain our commitment to educating towards Torah law and Torah values, and our embrace of all of the members of our community? How do we contend honestly with the theological challenges this raises? How does and should this consciousness shape pedagogy in an Orthodox school? 

2016-2018 Gender & Sexual Diversity Faculty Fellows

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Gender & Sexual Diversity Materials