Building Values and Personal Ethics

How do you teach sexual ethics to high school students attending a Co-ed Modern Orthodox high school in a way that is strongly grounded in Halakha and feels relevant and meaningful? How do you guide students in building a personal value system that affirms traditional views of sexuality while acknowledging the challenges of the modern world?  Machon Siach’s sexuality education group aims to mine the full range of Jewish texts on sexuality and bring those texts into conversation with academic insights from the world of social sciences. The group seeks to “translate” these texts and conversations into profound wisdom, values, and ethics for a healthier, less bifurcated approach to sexuality and sexuality education for our students and the broader community. This group began its work in 2016 and continues today, moving toward the writing and product phase of the cohort's cycle.  Additionally, in 2017, a four part Adult Education series led by two administrators at SAR High School called "Intrapersonal Sexual Ethics in a Modern Othodox Co-ed World" introduced the parent body and community to texts studied by the Machon Siach Sexuality Cohort. 

2016-2017 Sexuality Cohort Fellows

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Sexuality Cohort Materials

The Sexuality Cohort is currently in the writing phase of the research cycle. Research papers will be published to the site on completion.

Intrapersonal Sexual Ethics in a Modern Orthodox Coed World

2017 SAR High School Adult Education Series